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Pampered Chef: Bookings Country Christmas Craft Fair

  1. I’m doing a holiday country Christmas craft thing on November 18. I really need this to do something for me because I’m pretty much dried up right now as far as bookings go.

    I just wanted to present some of these ideas and see if anyone can add or critique them for me.
    First of all, I have a bridal area set up with information on the bridal showers/ gift registry. This part of the display will have all associated flyers and lots of copies of the wish list with my information on it. I will also feature the bridal doll cake. I will be selling Season’s Bests for 1.00 each. I will do the “free kitchen show” drawing and I am offering the stoneware mold to anyone who books a show. I will also have a presentation board outlining all of the host/guest specials for Nov, Dec., Jan. and Feb. I also made a little flyer that outlines “What does my FREE Kitchen show include?”. I am allowed to have food, so I’ll be doing a veggie or fruit thing in the Chillzanne platter (will have lots of veggies or fruit stocked in a cooler. I’m also doing the peanut butter presses (lots of them), putting candy out in the small simple additions/caddy, and the fudge made with the EAD. I’m also doing a drawing for a free Jar Opener since I have like FIVE of those. I have a flyer that says “I love what I do and you can too! Become a PC Kitchen Consultant – ask he how!” with the flyers associated with that.
    I will be displaying all of my tools in the tool turnabout and the stoneware I have in the stoneware holder rack thing. Can anyone think of anything else that has worked out well for them when doing this type of thing?
  2. Laurenncraigory

    Laurenncraigory Member

    sounds good to me, just make sure you don't give them the stoneware heart mold until their show...I have had people get the gift and never end up doing the show...they set a date, talk with me for a week, and then ignore all of my calls...it kinda sucks. Also, maybe have some big prize as a grand prize to draw people in easier. Mine was a roasting pan w/ rack b/c I already had one when I earned my free one and I never even had to give it to the winner b/c she lives in Gainesville, she was going to host a show and we were supposed to have a host coaching meeting a couple of weeks ago, but she never showed and never returned any of my calls and that was when I was supposed to give her the roasting pan...oh well I guess??!!!
    Good luck w/ your show!
  3. Yeah, I learned the “get a free gift for saying you’ll host a show and then never return my calls” trick the hard way! I’ll just order the mold when I send in their show. I actually did a small yard sale type thing a few weeks ago and offered up the roasting pan as a drawing and had a ton of people enter for it, and did choose a winner, but can you believe she would not return my phone calls when I tried to tell her about her prize?? Oh well, more for me I guess!
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