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Cookware Talk


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Apr 14, 2004
Someone had asked about what do you say about our 2 kinds of Cookware, so I'm posting my Cookware Talk . I see many of my bookings from hosts who would like the Prof. cookware set!

"Tonight you are going to see Cookware, Stoneware, and Dinnerware.. I don't do Underwear that's another party! How many of you are panning for Gold because you still have the same cookware when you started housekeeping and it is the Harvest Gold color? I even had the Avocado green refrigerator too!

Have you made Rice Krispie Treats and then you had a 4-day soaker sitting in the sink? You may have scrambled eggs and you had to tell you family you were experimenting with a new spice because of all of the black specks in them?

I can tell my husband anything because nothing sticks to his brain anymore from TOO MUCH TEFLON!

Well, we can cure all those ailments with our cookware! Look on page 20 in your catalog. We have 2 sets of Cookware, Gen. II and Professional. Both are already wide, flat and black on the bottom for even cooking and easy cleanup!

I then hold up the Nylon Tool set and say these 2 tools are good up to 428° F. Will not melt, or leave black flecks in your food. In fact these 2 tools are so good, you can get them for $220 and you get a 10 piece Professional Cookware Set Absolutely FREE! Let me tell you how at your show!

Why just this week I was cooking dinner for my family and I heard that splash/sizzling sound on the stove. I came running out of my office, which is right next to my kitchen, and I had heavy whipping cream, green chilies and chicken bouillon cubes boiling out of my Prof. saucepan onto the stove. I wiped that pan right out with a paper towel!

Now you might be wondering what was I fixing with whipped cream, green chilies and chicken bouillon cubes. Well, when I come to your house on Jan. 29 or Feb. 2 for your show, I'll cook that recipe for you along with a Pineapple Upside-Down Cake right here in this big skillet, (holding up the 12" Family Skillet)!

Then, We'll Have the Pan of Your Life!"

The recipe that I talk about is a White sauce for Chicken Enchiladas. (Use our Chicken Fajita Recipe, leave out the Lipton Onion Soup step, roll up Chicken and veggies with shredded Jack cheese added in tortilla, pour this white sauce over them in our 9x13 baker) White Sauce: Heat 1 pt. Whipping cream, 2 chicken bouillon cubes and 1 small can diced green chilies in saucepan. Do not boil. Pour over enchiladas. Bake at 350° for 20 minutes.

Here's to Double Points in Jan.!
Happy New Year!

Tricia Collis