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Cookware Problems


Aug 16, 2005
I have had more than 1 person come to me and tell me that their Prof. Cookware is starting to peel, even after only a couple of years of use. I've directed them to call the 800 number, or I offer to call for them. I almost feel bad telling everyone at my shows how this kind of thing doesn't happen!:eek: Has anyone else had this problem much?


Gold Member
Jan 26, 2006
Mine have done that too. I have only sent one of the set back but they sent me a new one. I have to wait until I can get the whole Executive Set before I can give up all of my pans for a month!!!

What's worse is that I did the burnt cheese demo for a friend here in my home. Showing the difference between the professional and the executive and when I asked her husband to clean up the pans guess which one still has a nice little square in the bottom of the pan where the cheese was???? Yep the executive!!! How mortifying was that!!! At least I wasn't at a show full of people!!!


Sep 26, 2005
Be Careful!!!

Hey I read somewhere in another thread that HO has said to stop doing the cheese in the pan because it voids the warranty. Just thought you might want to check into that!?:confused:


Novice Member
Dec 26, 2005
Voids the warranty? How's that. I just got the whole set, and now am really wondering about it. Where did you see the thread the HO sent out about to not do the cheese thing?


Senior Member
Gold Member
Feb 2, 2005
how could melting a slice of cheese void the warranty? Anyone could burn cheese or anything else in any pan on any given night. I hate to think that because I got too involved in something else and let my food burn that my pan would not be covered by the warranty. That just does not make sense to me.