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Pampered Chef: Cooking with cannabis

  1. Mitch


    Hi, As you can see I'm new here and this is my 1st post. Has anyone here done any parties that talk about cooking with cannabis? When making canna-butter the gravy separator is a handy tool as well as the wire strainers.

    I know this may be taboo to some, but for medical purposes making my own edibles at home (I live in a legal state) is the best way for me to use it.
    May 14, 2017
  2. Hi Mitch, I haven't done any parties but I do have customers who make their own edibles. I hadn't thought about the gravy separator. I'll share that. The new herb set is something they like. They say the herb grinder works nicely. They do like the mesh strainers and the double boiler pan.
  3. Mitch


    Hi Chef, I make my infused cannabutter and cannaoil with added water to the mix. After it's infused, I use the gravy separator to separate the oil from the remaining water. Adding water makes for a cleaner, better tasting infusion, and you get more butter or oil in the end too. Making my own at home saves a bunch of money over buying edibles at the dispensary.
    May 23, 2017
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