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Cooking time ideas

May 8, 2005
I am doing my second Kitchen Show soon and have at least 18 people RSVPing Yes! During the cooking time at my first show, i talked about stoneware, cookware, host and guest specials and benefits of hosting. i was done a little early (before the food was ready) and just had everyone ask questions and browse the catalog. Any ideas on what else i could talk about through the cooking time?

janel kelly

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Feb 19, 2005
When I observed my director's show she had each person tell her their favorite product and then she gave them ideas about how to use it that weren't the traditional way to use them. Ex: cutting board: a lapboard for people to use on long trips I hope I haven't sounded too confusing

Ann F

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Nov 11, 2004
That's also a good time to do the ticket game.


Mar 26, 2005
Catalog favorites

I start off my cooking time going through the catalog with the guests by talking about my "favorites". I pre-tag the page in the catalog circling one item in each category (Baking Basics, etc) that I don't have at the show, and talk about why its my favorite or something that has mulitple uses.

I ask if anyone has that item and they can talk about it too. I usually introduce the whole thing by mentioning that "I know some of you are seeing the catalog for the first time and there are a few things you may have overlooked that are absolutely great products!" And I start introducing the item & how I use it or how I have heard other consultants use it.

By this point in the show, you have shown yourself sincere, knowledgeable and have gained their trust and they are happy to hear your "picks". I usually get a few extra orders this way.
Hope it helps!!
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Jun 6, 2005
Your off to a great start. Make sure you cross sell other products, bring up the new items in the catalog and mention you are booking for July and Aug. One thing that is a must is to mention the opporturnity to them. You were interested in it and there may be someone out there as well, if not it's good practice for when you are ready.

Mary O'Sullivan