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Pampered Chef: Cooking In A Flash with Pampered Chef

  1. Hi I am a new consultant as of June 1st of this year located in Columbus OH. I am operating my business under the name of Cooking In A Flash with Pampered Chef and have a Facebook business page under such. I am using PMP for Facebook parties and updates to my business page. So if anyone has PMP templates to share that I can customize I would be appreciative... Especially for themed parties, fundraisers, Freezer Meals Workshops, Mystery Host and gift registry parties such as Bridal Showers and Housewarmings. I am operating all online activities from a cellphone at this point so creating templates from scratch is quite time consuming.

    Looking forward to sharing in the knowledge of other consultants and learning what works best and what doesn't. Thanks in advance and much success to all of you. preview.png
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    Jul 23, 2017
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