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Pampered Chef: Selling Consutant Items

  1. kcnancy

    kcnancy Member Gold Member

    20190703_091829.jpg 20190703_091819.jpg
    Passport travel wallet with Chef's hat logo on the front. Never used. $10 + shipping from 66214

    Nylon turn-about tote, used in good shape $3 + shipping from 66214.

    Padded tote for DCB, used but in excellent condition $5 + shipping from 66214.
    Blank receipts, one package is English, one package is Spanish. $1 + shipping from 66214.
    Pampered Chef logo (Chef's hat) paper, back of page is blank. Nearly full package, $2.50 + shipping from 66214.
    Jul 5, 2019
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