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Consultant #

kitchen queen

Mar 20, 2005
I notice some of you place your consultant number at the bottom of your replies & in some of the letters and flyers I have gotten from this website.

Are we supposed to do that? If not, then why do you put your number out there?

I could definately see the benefit of not trying to struggle to remember the number. :)



Advanced Member
Feb 3, 2005
You don't need to put your consultant number out there. It is helpful if someone (customer) wants to return something and they can't find anything but an old catalog with your consultant number. OR if a consultant wants to sign up, they need your name and consultant number.


Gold Member
Apr 21, 2005
Yeah, i was thinking more along the lines of security issues. Not that most of us are like this, but anyone can call up and say i'm so-n-so with this consultant number and do and undo things that can cause problems for me. For marketing purposes though, i think you need to put Independent Kitchen Consultant #......


Mar 26, 2005
Never thought of that!

Wow. I never thought of that! I have my consultant number on my stamp and it is on all my catalogs. I don't put it on flyers, but I never saw a problem putting it on stuff. I guess I kind of thought we had to, not as in a mandate, but I guess the flip side of what you ladies are saying~that it makes people know you are not just anyone collecting money and orders and not really with the PC. I don't know, I thought it was a means of identification, kind of like a "license" to be doing the job. I guess I really never thought that people can screw with the number... too late for me now, but definitely something to think about!


Legend Member
Gold Member
Jan 21, 2005
There was a promotion last year that PC had where the number was needed - I think it was to order on line before Christmas 2003. Anyway, that's when I started putting it on. It also gives potential recruits all the information to sign - I haven't had anyone do that but why not let them have that ability? ;)

When you call PC they ask specific things besides your number - like show number, product you're talking about, etc. I'm sure if someone was not legitimate they would be suspicious. That being said, I do not put it on everything.