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Pampered Chef: Bookings Consultant won't give me my hostess gift

  1. AFwife

    AFwife Guest

    Hi ya'll,

    I am a consultant now but back November of this year, I wasn't yet and I hosted a party. The consultant promised a hostess gift as we all do and I have yet to receive it.

    Everytime I contact her about it she has some excuse, oh it's not here yet or it's in my husbands car or whatever.

    I'm so feed up with it.

    What should I do? Can she be reported for this?

    I realize a hostess gift is something that PC has nothing to do with cause they already give out the $15 extra bonus for hosting a show but is there anything I can do or say to get her to give me what I deserve, I never do this to any of my hostess.

    Thanks for any help.
    Dec 21, 2005
  2. MichelleRoth

    MichelleRoth Member

    If I were you

    If I were you I would just drop it and move on.

    I realize that she promised you the gift, but if she hasn't given it, there really isn't anything you can do. Plus, she may think that you don't need it anymore because you are a consultant.

    Regardless, I know it sucks, but I would just forget about it.

    And think on the bright side.....if she does it to all her hostesses, that's going to give her a bad reputation, which means more business for you!!!


    Dec 21, 2005
  3. AFwife

    AFwife Guest

    I know I should drop it but as a consultant I'm just so flamed about it ya know.

    Does she not think that this is causing me to have a bad image of her I mean after all I signed up under her. The least she could do is give it to me as a thank you for that. lol

    Dec 21, 2005
  4. friday

    friday Guest

    I am assuming that the consultant who did your party is NOT the girl you signed up with? In which case I guess if I were the consultant I might be offended that you didnt like me enough to sign with me or whatever the case may be. I wonder if that has something to do with why the bonus gift is a problem for her? Just a thought.

    Dec 21, 2005
  5. AFwife

    AFwife Guest

    No I did sign up with her, that's the thing. That's what is making me so upset.

    She did my party and before she left I signed up with her.
    Dec 21, 2005
  6. MichelleRoth

    MichelleRoth Member


    That's pretty sad!

    I'm amazed that as your recruiter she didn't give it to you. It's not like she'll ever see you again.....

    Oh well. Not everyone can be as great of consultants as we are!

    :) :D :cool:
    Dec 21, 2005
  7. friday

    friday Guest

    Oh now thats an unpleasant kettle of fish. I am sorry to hear it. I suppose that just to keep things from being too hairy between you and your recruiter/trainer, maybe dropping it IS the only thing to do? I would be unhappy too. Her credibility is shot and she is the one you are supposed to be looking to for support in developing your business. I can very much see why you are bugged about it. Good luck.

    Dec 21, 2005
  8. AmyjonesPC

    AmyjonesPC Member

    What did she promise you as a hostess gift?
    Dec 21, 2005
  9. AFwife

    AFwife Guest

    A tool turn about.

    I emailed her and said, mail it to me. And she called and spoke to my husband and said that she is home Friday that he can come get it.

    I'm so mad, I mean, why should I have to go get it or send my husband for it, it's her job to get it to me.

    I can't change recruiter's can't I?
    Dec 21, 2005
  10. AmyjonesPC

    AmyjonesPC Member

    As far as the tool turn about, it is a $15.00 item that you will get for free during your SS months, so even though she promised you that she would give it to you, you have the opportunity to earn one. I say give up on it, eventually she will either get it to you or she won't. It is a lesson learned as a way NOT to do business. We make a huge deal out of customer care and you understand what it is like to be on the other side of the fence. Take this as a lesson on how not to run your business.

    You should be seeing her soon anyways during your cluster meetings and during your training etc. Ask her to bring it then.

    As far as changing recruiters, I think you can only do this if you stop selling for a year and resign under someone else. Someone with more experience may be able to tell us if this is correct.
    Dec 21, 2005
  11. fruit76loop

    fruit76loop Veteran Member Gold Member


    That is correct! You can not change recruiters. You would have to be inactive for 1 year and then sign under someone else.

    It seems strange that your recruiter would not be thrilled to give you the tool turn about since you signed with her. But who knows?

    I do think I would forget it as well. Is $15 really worth all the aggrevation? I think not! I am sure you will earn it for free anyway!

    And as someone said above, not all consultants can be as good as us! :cool:
    Dec 21, 2005
  12. MSmith

    MSmith Member

    I think that I would be pretty peeved, too. Not about the actual gift, but the whole run-around and evasiveness that you are receiving. Especially, since she says that she has the tool turn about already. I'm not sure how far she is, but I would like to say "okay, I'll be there at 2pm" or whatever and call her bluff.

    Anyway, that's what I would want to do. :p The best thing is probably to let it go and, as other sage advice has already been given: do not use her as a role model for your business. It will all work out.
    Dec 21, 2005
  13. luv2cookathome

    luv2cookathome Member

    I'd go pick it up on Friday at the arranged time and look at it as a learning lesson. We aren't all lucky enough to have fab recruiters but it is a great example of how not to be once we sign people on. ;) I hope your director more than makes up for your recruiter. :D
  14. AFwife

    AFwife Guest

    That's exactly it. It's not the gift I'm peeved about it's the way she's treating me. She's only 15 minutes from my house and my husband as gone by her house several times before going to work. He works right around the corner from her, literally.

    We'll see if she's there on Friday ALL DAY like she said she was gonna be. If I don't get it then I'm gonna tell her to forget about it, thank but no thanks ya know.

    Not good for her business as far as I'm concerned. What shocks me is that she complained to me how her recruiter sucked and here she is doing the same to me.


    Thanks everyone for your help.
    Dec 22, 2005
  15. AFwife

    AFwife Guest

    I got it!

    My husband went by today to her house and picked it up, she was on the phone when he knocked and she goes, here you go and he said thank you and left. He said she was very like, here take it already and leave, type of attitude. :rolleyes:

    I mean if it's such a bother for her to do something this little, maybe she's in the wrong business.

    Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone!

    Dec 23, 2005
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