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Consultant gifts

Do you give a consultant gift?

  • Yes, under $10.00

    Votes: 6 66.7%
  • Yes, $10-$20

    Votes: 2 22.2%
  • Yes, over $20

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • No

    Votes: 1 11.1%

  • Total voters
Feb 20, 2016
Does every consultant give a gift to their host? The director I signed up with gives a nice gift (choice of classic stone, large cutting board, cool n serve, Brie baker, etc) to every host. I'm just starting out; is this type of gift normal?


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Mar 17, 2006
I usually just gave one of the nicer items from the supply order for give-aways and a Season's Best. Once I got going and had a surplus of products I didn't want or need I might give a nicer item to a repeat host. But, since you are starting out you most likely would have to buy those nicer items - so I would say no.

Another thought might be when the new products are available at half off (not sure if they are in packages still or open stock) - you might want to pick up a few items that you may not want - but would be a good price point for a free gift for a good host. I know when I first started, the new products were mostly in packages, so many times, I would get a package that contained most of what I wanted but would always end up with a few items I didn't really need. I would use those as gifts sometimes.


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Feb 20, 2012
I typically give them a Season's best - I don't think larger gifts are expected. :) Good luck!


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Jul 8, 2007
Pampered Chef is very generous to our Hosts, so I don't think they expect extra from the Consultant. I give a Seasons Best, from which they have picked their show recipe, and then have her guests sign it before they leave. My Hosts are very happy with that.


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Mar 17, 2006
I usually just gave one of the nicer items from the supply order for give-aways and a Season's Best.

I wanted to clarify that statement a little better. On the supply order there is a section for product "give-away" items - Quikut paring knives, scrapers and the like. Some of these are a little nicer than the scrapers or orange peelers. This is what I might choose along with the Season's Best. For awhile they had small Bamboo Spoons. They were too pricey for me to use as a give-away for guests - so I would get these for the host.

But, I agree with the others, a Season's Best is generally enough. They do not expect more than that.

Also, be careful giving away things such as stone's, cutting boards, etc. If they are presented in front of the show, then if you have a guest who books that show, they will also expect the same level "bonus" from you.

Remember that your Director is just that - a director. She earns many products through the various director packages and will have these at almost no cost to her. Plus, after years of selling PC, she may have accumulated many items.


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Jan 19, 2006
My "free gift" is a copy of the current Seasons Best. I write a little note, the date of the party and the show #.
Pampered Chef offers VERY generous Host benefits so I don't feel the need to give more. Make money, don't spend it!
That being said, I have a few times (less than 10 in the past 15 years?) used a bigger gift as bait to get a specific date filled.


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Sep 8, 2008
I also typically will do a Season's Best, or if I have lots of those consultant gift products that Kam mentioned, it may be one of those. but a SB is great. It always changes, they are very nice, and very practical to the host. I write a 'thank you note' in the inside cover. Sometimes I remember to pass the book around for guests to sign.