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Commission Sheet


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Jan 6, 2005
Hi everyone,
Does someone have a commission sheet I can show a recruit later this afternoon. I thought there was one on the website, but couldn't find one. She used to sell Mary Kay, so she wants to see our commission structure!
Thanks a bunch!


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Feb 2, 2005
It is listed in the Recipe for Success.

When you show her our commission she is going to think it is too low. Most other companies' consultants earn 40 or 50 percent. However, they have to buy their hostess gifts and they do not get free supplies twice each year. And, some have to pay a fee to submit a show. I have a friend who sells Home and Garden Party and we figured it up once. By the time she pays for hostess gifts, paperwork, and other fees, she was actually only earning 20-25 percent profit. So, be sure she takes that into consideration. My mom sells Mary Kay and she always says I don't receive enough commission compared to her, but she has all those extra costs.

Molly Jo

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Aug 23, 2005
I also used to sell Mary Kay and a huge advantage for Pampered Chef over Mary Kay is that there is no inventory!! I had a huge inventory and ended up not being able to pay my credit cards! Pampered Chef is so much easier also! Not everyone wears makeup buteveryone has a kitchen and at least one person in their family cooks!!!

Happy Mom

Aug 11, 2005
I am confused! We do pay for the kit, paperwork supplies and hostess gifts as well as stamps, labels, business cards, envelopes, pens, folders, food for recipes, etc. I am sure if you added up all of the items we buy for our business that our 20-25 % commission is also greatly reduced.

When are the supplies free?


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Feb 14, 2005
You get 50 free catalogs when you recruit someone. You also get free supplies at the beginning of each season.


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Apr 13, 2004
Your adding to much to your budget

Happy Mom,

If you use what the home office gives you...
Here are a few tips.
1) If you are buying food, stop it unless you are getting reimbursed for it by the host. The Home Office built a $15 Hospitalty bonus into the Host Program to cover food. We have plenty of recipes that cost way less than $15.00.
If you are shopping, get it back from the host. Otherwise the host is getting paid for it twice.
2) Why are you buying host gifts? The home office gives them plenty. They did that so we would not have to. I know we all love to give our hosts something at their show but guess what? It is not a "have to" situation because the company gives them plenty so we DO NOT HAVE TOO!
3) We all order supplies but here again, do not over order and I hate to say this but one thing I do at my shows is to make sure that I collect ALL the left over catalogs and order forms and pens. I haven't bought pens since 2004. I bought 100 and I still have most of them becasue I am a bit of a tight wad when it comes to my supplies. I have to be. I need the income not losses.
You can cut your expenses in other ways as well. Use your own printer to print order forms found all over this place and in CC instead of ordering any. The ink and paper cost is cut by almost 75%.
Ever since I found out I could use what was provided I have not ordered any preprinted order forms. That was about 3 and a half years ago.
Basically, all I spend money on are catalogs and a few frills. I got business cards and a window decal. I will say this and becasue I know the amount I am spending it makes it so much easier to gauge, I simply give my hosts a cash discount of $5 off their order as a host gift. I also give them the luxary of not having to do the shopping but I collect a check or cash from each and every one. Why should I give them something the company already is giving them?
I know there are other ways I cut corners and I can tell you this, it has NOT hurt my business one little bit when I ask for that $15 or don't use a fancy-smancy order form. So if you are cutting your profits so much, then maybe you better look into how and why you are duplicating host benefits and how you are spending the money on "supplies".
I am gong to hit just below $30,000 in sales this year alone. And I have placed exactly 1068.10 in supplies. That is only 3% of my sales and 1/8 of my total commssion. Which I think is still high but there were thinks I did not htink to cut until after I got back from conference. So...