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Commission calculation

Jun 14, 2005
Does anyone know how the percentage of commissions is calculated? If I submit a show for 250 in the beginning of the month and then a 800 & 440 show at the end of the month doesn't it go up a certain percentage? I can't find anything, my director says its in my paperwork, but I can't locate.


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Nov 3, 2005

$1-$749.99 you make 20%
$750-$1249.99 you make 22%
and so on
it's in your cosultant planner,

if you get paid 20% for a show that you submitted at the first of the month and your comission rate ends up being 25% at the end of the month then you get paid an extra 5% on your next check. I hope that makes sense.
Jun 14, 2005
Thank you can you tell me where to find it in my planner, was that with my initial consultant agreeement?


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May 24, 2005
F-6 under policy and procedures at the top of the page you can also find it in the front of your PC calander they send you
Jan 4, 2006
It is also in the Consultants corner under "Downloads" and then "Monthly Sales Diary"

It is listed at the bottom of the sales diary.:)


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Nov 5, 2005
calculating commission

I'm not too clear on this. I'm hoping someone will be patient with me. Our commission is paid monthly, right?

If I had 4 parties last month of $200, $350, $500 and $600, would I be paid 20% for each of those parties, or would I be paid 23% on ALL of those parties at the end of the month?
Jan 4, 2006
You are paid monthly, so as long as you submitted all those shows in the same month you will be paid 23% on all of them.

If you received a mid month payment, it may have only been 20% on those first shows, but they will add the 3% on your end of month check.

I hope this makes sense... let me know if I was unclear :D

And Congrats on a great month!