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Pampered Chef: Theme Show Come and Go Holiday Shopping Show

  1. ellebeew

    ellebeew Guest

    At our last PC Consultants meeting we brainstormed booking ideas and this popped into someone's head. A host can have a "Come and Go Holiday Shopping Show" where her (or your own for that matter) home is open for a block of time and there is already PC recipes prepared for tasting etc. People can just stop in for a few minutes, look over the displayed products and place an order...or stay a while and chat. This is great for guests before the holidays who may not have time to commit to coming to a regular kitchen show or who would be more open to purchasing if they could run in with their kids and place a quick order and head out etc. I loved the idea and will be suggesting it to party guests as a great pre-holiday show option.
    Oct 18, 2005
  2. Love this idea!

    I have a show booked on Dec. 5th- she is not wanting a demo- but she wants to have some food- some of the guests will running late- I am going to
    suggest this idea to her- I think she will love it- I like the come and go- idea- since we will have people coming at all different times- thanks!
  3. pchefinski

    pchefinski Advanced Member

    Oooh I love this idea! I'm wanting to do some type of show on my own in December to boost my sales/bookings, and this is PERFECT! Thanks for this!
    Nov 23, 2005
  4. Tried it!!

    A friend of mine did this on a Saturday afternoon. Boiy did my balloon bust. I was actually thinking that I would have no time to try to book parties and talk to the customers. Well it bombed. I paid more in ingredients and gas, never mind my insanity. I got no bookings and only 3 orders, equalling $200. She had PC, Cookie Lee, some toys, makeup, something for everyone.
    After everything we did our own brainstorming and are trying it again at my house. I so far emilaed 25 or more people, and 2 people said that they would come. I am getting scared again.
    Nov 25, 2005
  5. pcjulie

    pcjulie Member

    I just held a Holiday Open House at my home on the 1st and have no desire to do it again anytime soon! I sent out over 100 invitations (to past hosts, friends, family, preferred customers, neighbors) and maybe 20 actually replied. I called many of the others and still only had 15-20 attend. I advertised drawings for free products, the host benefits, and I said that there would be plenty of food. I worked my behind off for days preparing for it and unfortunately did not get any concrete bookings from it. I did get about $800 in sales :) and am still waiting for one or two more orders. However, it was not worth the time and energy I put into it. If I did it again I would make half the amount of food (I had a ton of leftovers!) and try to advertise more. Thanks for letting me vent!

    Julie Myers
    Independent Kitchen Consultant
    Dec 3, 2005
  6. pamperedbecky

    pamperedbecky Legacy Member

    wow!! That's actually really good!! That's more successful than any open houses I've ever done!! I wouldn't say that was a bust at all. Maybe next time you just won't put too much work into it. I've done that much prep work for things and only FIVE people come, so yours was a pretty big success in my book! :)
  7. Way to go!

    I think that's a great turn out, too! I am doing a Stop n' Shop this next Saturday, and I would be really excited about 15-20 people coming and $800 in sales...but I know that each person has to decide what's worth their time and money and effort. I am not looking for that many bookings as I'm doing this show in my hometown which is a 7 hour drive away, but I will offer bookings in Feb. so I can plan a trip back. I'm really hoping that I can find someone who is interested in selling so that they can get the local bookings. Congratulations!

    Dec 3, 2005
  8. pchefinski

    pchefinski Advanced Member

    I'm going to offer this idea for a host that still hasn't set a concrete date yet. She and I keep playing phone tag, so we're trying to nail down a date for her. Maybe this will sound appealing, as she will be hosting quite close to Christmas (and close to the party ordering deadline!). Good luck to everyone doing this.

    God bless!
    Dec 3, 2005
  9. Think of it this way - in my experience Holiday Shopping shows have been poorly attended, I think because everyone is thinking "mall." I would have been thrilled with that turnout. Try making it an annual thing - you may not have to work so hard next year.
    Oct 31, 2011
  10. awjacks1105

    awjacks1105 Gold Member

    What kind of invitation are you using for the Come N Go Show?
    Nov 2, 2011
  11. NooraK

    NooraK Legend Member Gold Member

    This thread is from 2005. None of the original posters are on CS anymore.
    Nov 2, 2011
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