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College Show


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Apr 14, 2004
Pampered Chef College Show

This is something I say at shows. First I tell them that both my boys got one on their way out the door..

I use the Classic Batter Bowl as a "college bowl" . One that every college kid can participate in.
Eat cheerios in it
Make pancakes and pour from it
Boil rice or noodles in the micro wave ( soup, chili too)
Bake in it in the regular oven
Eat out of it
Store left overs with the lid on in the fridge
Reheat -lid on -keeps microwave clean
Eat out of it again
Place it in the dishwaher or wash it in the sink
Anyway you clean it, a college kids dream

Also MUST haves
Classic scraper
Twixit-its- these will do so much- there is a chart for all the ways Quikut knife Suds pump Bar board Small Bar pan Microcooker Mini Whisk

Graduation is another story!

Eileen Paul