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Pampered Chef: Theme Show Coffee and Cappicino Ice Cream pie show

  1. I'm doing this show on Wednesday. Any ideas on what else I can demo? Aside from the products it takes to make the pie. I was thinking of having a "product table". Having lots of different products that may not necessarily have to do with the show. It's at my house so I'm not concerned with taking a lot of stuff in and out of someones home. I'm also wondering what else I can serve for food. I was thinking the peanut butter cookies from All the Best cookbook. Any other ideas????
    Feb 12, 2006
  2. Try this!

    I don't kow if this is what you are thinking of, but I got a print out at a Cluster Meeting a while ago. All you need is a lime and a cumcumber to demo a bunch of different products.

    Products for the lime:

    Cutting Boards
    Lemon Zester/Scorer
    Chef's Knife
    Citrus Press
    Easy Read Measuring Cups
    adjustable spoons
    Prep Bowls

    Products for the Cucumber

    Lemon Zester/Scorer
    Vegetable Peeler
    Crinkle Cutter
    Utility Knife
    The Corer
    Ultimate Slice and Grate-v blade and julienne blade
    Apple Wedger
    Food Chopper
    Handy Scraper
    Batter Bowls or Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls
    Basil Blend Canola Oil
    Italian Seasoning
    Small Mix N Scraper
    Serving Spoons
    Chillzanne Rectangle Server
    Woven Selections Rectangle Server

    The total value not including cookware/stoneware is over $400. Does this help? I have not done this at my shows, but now that I'm sending this to you it makes a lot of sense. If you need more information in the outline of the demo let me know. :)

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