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Coed Party

Feb 3, 2005
I am new to Pampered Chef and I wanted to know what would be a good idea when doing a show with men and women involved. Someone had mentioned to me about a bake off. Men against the women...Any suggestions?


I just re-started PC again myself. I'm hoping to get into to doing Co-Ed shows. My plan was, like you said, men vs. women. I was thinking one appy & one dessert. I would plan on only one thing that needed to be cooked and other cold so that you knew there was enough room in the oven.

I'd be curious to see how your show turns out!!! :p
Feb 3, 2005
When men are involved

I am planning to try this at my first "couples" show in two weeks...I know the couple hosting the show and feel comfortable do it with them. But I would definatley use caution using it with a group I wasnt familiar with.

OK that said...I plan to have a "Use My Tool" game. I haven't thought it out completly yet. So far I plan to put either pictures or names of unusual kitchen tools on cards then ask the men to name their tool and come up with an imaginative use for the tool. I may wear a tool belt with prizes for the most creative idea. Maybe make it a couples project...Let me know what you think about it! :rolleyes: