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Coaching catalog shows

Mar 3, 2006
I am in SS1 and have four catalog shows going on: my sister, my mother-in-law-to-be (who doesn't know that she is ;)), and two of my best friends from college. All but the MIL live out of town.

My sister has pretty much told me she's blowing it off until she graduates in May, at which point there will be no people in her town to show catalogs to! I have tried to convince her otherwise but she...well she's a Taurus.

The other three I don't want to pester because I don't get to talk to them that much anyway and don't want my few phone calls to them to be all about Pampered Chef. I just don't want to be one of those people that drives everyone crazy talking nonstop about their home party biz, KWIM?

Do you folks have any helpful hints for coaching a catalog party a friend is supposedly doing but not terribly interested in?


Veteran Member
Jun 22, 2005
Send emails, with flyers... not too often but occassionally.

CALL anyway! Just don't dive into PC talk... give plenty of personal talk, and be glad that you are 'rekindling' the relationship, and let them know you are glad that you are talking more with them. Be honest! Saying " I am just really bad at keeping up with people, so I'm glad we are doing this PC show together! We'll have to keep in touch more!! ... and then really try to stay in touch after the show closes.

I have two cousins that live far away... both were interested in a catalog... and possibly a catalog show --- LAST JULY after I got back from conference... we had a mini family reunion and they asked for a catalog, one really wanted some things, and the other said she and her friends hadn't seen PC in a while and that she could pass a catalog around.
Well, I never call them just to chat! So I haven't pushed them to do the catalog show or order something. I have emailed the one cousin who wanted to order, just to let her know what the GS were, and she is on my email list.

But I know what you mean... I don't want to call them either because it looks like I'm only interested in them ordering or having a catalog show! So I just let it go... and that was almost 9 months ago!

janel kelly

Advanced Member
Feb 19, 2005
Ask them if you can practice your host coaching on them. Tell them you will be calling them 3 times for their catalogue shows and you want them to listen to what you will be telling future hosts. That way they won't feel like you are being to pushy or anything. Ask them when you are done with the call what they thought about what you said and if they have any suggestions on how you can improve the host coaching call.