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Coaching a host who doesn't care about the host benefits?


Legend Member
Oct 6, 2005
This woman has money coming out of her pores and a kitchen full of gadgets, so she doesn't care about the host benenfits. At the show she booked form, she spent $200 on just her order. She just wants people to come over and have a good time.

She told me that her family will just come for food, sit for maybe a half an hour, then they'll want to place their order and talk. So we're working on the best show strategy so I'm not fighting for their attention.

But how else to get my host excited about the party, making reminder calls, collecting outside orders, etc??


Mar 27, 2005
Maybe your only option is to do the reminder calls yourself, that way you know they are done. If she is not excited about having a high show you will have to do what you can to make it better. By calling yourself you may get a higher attendence. Try to keep the show short maybedo an express show and then talk about the higher priced products. Play more games, and hope to get some booking that way.


Mar 10, 2005
Maybe this lady has all the money and kitchen stuff she needs (shouldn't we all?:D ) but that doesn't mean that her family and friends do. I would focus on bookings so that the guests get to stock their kitchens, too.

Also, if you simply help everyone have a good time then I'm sure you will have a successful show.