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Co-Host chart?


Feb 3, 2006
Hello, all! I have recently booked my first cooking show for May, and it's a co-hosting situation. I was talking to one person about having a party, and she and her friend decided they wanted it at the friend's house.

Does anyone have experience with this on how to split the free product value, and does anyone have a chart or anything like that which explains in laymans terms?


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Jan 17, 2006
Split 50/50

Things just get split 50/50. If FREE product value is $100 each gets $50 or two half price items, each gets one. Each gets the discount on anything else they want to order, free shipping for both and both get the 10% off for a full year after their show.
I did have one situation where one host got more than the other because she sold more in outside orders and both were ok with that. You can adjust the FREE product value in PP.


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Jan 21, 2005
I tell co-hosts that they can split the benefits however they choose. Most split things pretty evenly but sometimes one takes the free and the other takes the half price & monthly special. Sometimes it even helps them go for more sales so they can get that one more half price item to make it even.
It's what makes them happy.

Booking benefit is decided by them too. It always works out.

They both get the show discount and 10% off for a year.