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Co-host benefits


Jan 31, 2005
Quick queston....I should know this and I know I've read it but I can't seem to find the answer :rolleyes: If you have a show where there are co-hosts, can both of them take advantage of the host special? I know they split the free products, half price items, etc (or work it out between themselves). I have a potential host asking and I don't want to misguide her on the benefits! Thanks in advance!! :D
Apr 25, 2005
co-host problem

I have a question about putting co-host on pampered partner. Last week I had a party and was trying to put co-host information on PP. After I got all the information in on both and tried to balance it the screen told me that the host products needed to be picked, I had already put in all the correct information and had split everything the correct way with only 1 host special being given but still could not get it to balance, can someone tell me the correct way to do this? And does both host get free shipping? :confused:
I had to end up putting the party in as one host to get it to go.
Thanks for any help I can get!!!


Jun 6, 2005
When you put in the co-host did you check the box at the top of the screen to identify her as a co-host? I did that and had no problems. I put in the host order for free items and then the co-host free items then the discounted items after both are entered. If you don't the split doesn't go quite right.

The co-host also gets free shipping.


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May 18, 2005
PP and Co-Host

Only 1 person should be checked as the co-host. I got the same message, and it was because I had both hosts checked as co-host. So...the host who's having the show shipped to her house (or the "main" host) does not have co-host checked, only the "second" host does.