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Pampered Chef: Cleaning out PC I don't use ..stuff 4 sale

  1. I am cleaning out my Pampered Chef I don't need or use most is new or very lightly used will tell which beside product for sale ****PLEASE email me at makedinnersimple@gmail.com about any of these items

    ___HWC glasses *new in box $25 plus shipping
    ____HWC sever with zebra heel gently used
    ___Anniv. cookbook from Doris Christopher
    ___Deep Covered Baker white New but no lid **lid broke was told you could us a small bar pan to cover it or such $20 plus shipping
    ___Retangle Chillzone with cover and dividers (retired one ) New didnt use it bc I had two so only used one $15 plus shipping

    **if it doesnt have a price didnt look up one so tell me what you will pay and I will take most resonable offers (everything will be plus shipping).

    *I will ask p.o. the cost to ship according to your zip and will not charge any more. I dont need to make profit just recoop my costs.
  2. Jillmami

    Jillmami Member

    I would like the white dcb!!

    What do you think shipping would be to 95678?

    Also, how much for the cookbook??

    Nov 25, 2011
  3. pampchefrhondab

    pampchefrhondab Senior Member

    I would be interested in the cookbook.
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