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Cleaning House Misc. Supplies

Chef Jill

Mar 6, 2005
I would like to sell this as a package. Included is:
$6.00 plus shipping. I prefer paypal, credit cards accepted.

10 f/w 05 order forms with my info.
13 f/w 05 Host Rewards flyers
1 Imagine More opportunity brochure
14 f/w 05 ctalogs stamped
1 unstamped f/w catlog
7 s/s 05 catalogs stamped
1 f/w 04 catalog stamped
2005 F/W Season of Success dvd
2005 F/W Show and Sell dvd
1 S/S 05 Special Edition KCN
1 Holiday gift idea mini catalog, stamped
2 F/W mini catalogs, 1 stamped
1 Training Guide for PC book
1 Show order form
Skinny scraper, used, yellowed
Please email or private message. Thanks, Jill