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Cleaning Glazed Stoneware


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Apr 14, 2004
Cleaning Pampered Chef Glazed Stoneware

Dawn Dissolve! It works great for the outside of the glazed stoneware and
the outside or our cookware.

Dee Hohn
Dec 2, 2004
how to use stone press

I have lost the instructions on using the stone press, is there any one that can help me? I have never used it and I have 2, one is a ginger bread house and other is a teddy bear cookie.


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Dec 29, 2004
cleaning stoneware

I recently had a customer tell me she cleans her stoneware by putting it in the dishwasher WITHOUT the soap. Has anyone else heard of doing this?


Jan 4, 2005
Stoneware should NEVER be put in the dishwasher. The fluctuation in temperature will cause the stone to crack. I have two customers who put old stones in the dishwasher and they shattered into tiny pieces. I have heard that stoneware can be put into the oven on a slef cleaning cycle and that will clean it. I have not tried it, but it makes sense since it was originally fired at over 2000 degrees.

Admin Greg

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Apr 13, 2004
I think the whole issue with the stone is to make sure at all times the whole stone is at the same temperature. I put a stone on top of my oven range one time and then turned on the wrong burner to boil water. The stone was on the burner I turned on by mistake and a few minutes later broke into 4 pieces.
Feb 15, 2005
I found the best thing to clean it with is baking soda and water. Make a paste with it and let it set. It prevents you from getting any yucky taste on future dishes, but it cleans it well also. I usually use it after cooking meats, especially poultry.