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Dec 6, 2005
I heard about CinchShare at NC. It's a social media sharing site that allows you to schedule posts to Facebook or Pinterest up to 2 months ahead. You can do links, pics, text. It's easy to use. The cost is $10/month, but PC consultants who sign up by the end of this week (it may last longer than that, but that's the date I saw last night) will get a whole month free.


They did training on FB last night, but they made everything available through an Evernote note. Here's that link. I don't know how long it will be available.


I've used CinchShare to schedule posts when I've got a busy day. I used it last night to do a Live Virtual Show so I could concentrate on counting tickets and responding to comments. It was great. I've used it to set standard posts for a Facebook Show.

Basically, it allows me to do my Facebook posts without spending time on Facebook and getting sucked into the vortex. it's a wonderful tool.