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Church HWC fundraiser


Gold Member
Nov 9, 2005
I am doing a HWC fundraiser at my church on April 25th and closing the show the first week of May. I did this last year and it was somewhat a success of about $1100 with $283 going to the UMW group. Well, us women have decided this year that the whole amount of proceeds can go to ACS. I did a "Death by Chocolate" show last year and I was out about $70 on the groceries alone not to mention the catalogs and paperwork. I thought about doing a bingo show, but since I live in Arkansas, attend a Methodist church, and gambling is against the law here, we are unable to do that. I am looking to draw in a bigger crowd this year. Does anybody have any suggestions to beef up the show and give it a twist at the same time? I would appreciate any and all input!!