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Church Craft Fair


Veteran Member
Oct 22, 2005
I have a table at our church's craft fair this Saturday. What are your suggestions for making this a success? Anything from how to decorate the table to what to give away would be greatly appreciated....Bee in NC


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
I've done various booths at things and one thing I know is that you NEVER know if it's going to be a success or not. Don't get disappointed if things just do not go all that great. I hear that most people really focus on getting bookings and potential bookings at these things. Sometimes you get sales, other times you don't. As far as a display, keep it as simple as possible. If you have any of the new products, especially the new striped simple additions, those ALWAYS seem to attract attention. Any gift giving ideas are great this time of year. Maybe make one of those batter bowl gift things and display it. I always do a small raffle at my table, made up of typical door prizes AND a free kitchen show. Always include a free kitchen show. Tell people you have the FREE raffle at your table and encourage them to enter. Strike up conversations about PC with them. After you pick your winner, you'll still want to call ALL who entered and offer them a free kitchen show if you can. I know funds can be tight this time of year, but you won't have everyone take you up on it and even if you do, you can space them out so you don't have all free kitchen shows in one month (unless you want to). If you're able to, maybe have some samples. Lately I've done cubes of our beer bread in the Woven Selections Rectangle Server, with the Chillzanne Mini-Bowl in the middle with one of the Farmers Market Seasoning dips. I've also had samples of the lemon and chocolate cake kits, made in the mini muffin pan and quartered. Not that you'll sell tons of that, but food always attracts people. Check to make sure you're allowed to have samples.

You can do a search on here for craft fairs, holiday gift bazaars and that kind of thing because LOTS of us have done them. Hope that helps!


Veteran Member
Jun 20, 2005
My bazaar results! long sorry!

At the Fall church bazaar I did this past weekend we had an 8' X 3' table. The table was covered with a plain white tablecloth and then the denim TPC tablecloth. I stacked up product boxes on the back of the table for height and dimension and covered it with a beige fabric with little white stars. Then I covered a LARGE box with fabric and used it for my prize drawing box. I tied up the batter bowls and the Stainless bowls each with raffia. I weaved a garland of fall flowers in front of the beige fabric and nestled in a couple of squash colored candles. I stacked LARGE shipping boxes in front of the table along with my 2 red crates. I then started to place all my products on the table and on the boxes on top and in front of the table. I tucked some recipe cards, mini catalogs, holiday catalogs and invites in the folds of the fabric and drizzled mini Reese's Cups in fall foil all over the table and filled the SA I had stacked up like on Consultant's Corner with the candy as well as filling both the SA Small Bowls and Caddy's that I had.

For my Drawing, I gave away a SBCB, Free Kitchen Shows and a $25 GC! I had over 80 entries. Only 11 No's! Most of them didn't mark anything so I've been able to call alot of people. I have booked about 9 shows between now and the middle of Jan. I have one recruit and 3 people that are considering it. PLUS, $350 in sales at the event!

All that came from the $50 Fair money that my Director gave me and $30 of my own money! And I still have people to call. I have 8 people that are wanting to schedule shows after the New Year!

I would recommend to everyone to try and do a couple of these through out the year. They are great for NEW consultant's that are trying to get out of the box!

Good Luck!


Silver Member
Nov 15, 2005
well I've done a dry run at home and think the table looks okay. I've only got my starter kit to display but am going to try and ask my upline for a few extra things (if she doesn't have a show that night!)

Have draped my apron over a large box and will display some kitchen tools out of the pockets. Have a small easle to display info on fundraisers (which is a big deal for this one as there are a lot of non-profit organisations that use the centre) and have made free standing "brochures" with Christmas ideas. I have a cream coloured tablecloth along with a burgundy table runner and am planning on putting a few Christmas ornaments out to liven it up.

I'm going to make the celebrations cookies and make them smaller than normal so they are sort of bite sized samples. I reckon I'll have to make 3 recipes worth.

I'm having a few draws (see my new thread) and info about fundraisers, hosting, career opportunity and catalogues all on display! Wish me luck!!!