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Pampered Chef: Chopper Blades not sharp

  1. bbenton4

    bbenton4 Member

    Is there a way to sharpen the Food Chopper blades if they are not cutting well anymore?
    May 23, 2009
  2. DebbieJ

    DebbieJ Legend Member

    no there is not.

    Is this your chopper or a customers? Ask your customer what kind of cutting board she's using--it could be dulling her blades.
    May 23, 2009
  3. pkd09

    pkd09 Future Director Silver Member

    I heard that chopping on aluminum foil will bring back the sharpness...fact or fiction?
    May 23, 2009
  4. EpTxGuy

    EpTxGuy Member

    I thought I had heard of a sharpener that was available to consultants that would sharpen the chopper.....I'll have to ask my sister about that, I might be mistaken. Can any 10+ year consultants help me on this?
    May 23, 2009
  5. gailz2

    gailz2 Senior Member Gold Member

    Mine have only cut on our boards and aren't that sharp, either.
    May 23, 2009
  6. pcsharon1

    pcsharon1 Veteran Member Gold Member

    I've been a consultant for almost 12 years now and there has never been a sharpener for the chopper since I've been with the company.
    May 23, 2009
  7. Chef Gilles

    Chef Gilles Member Gold Member

    Is the customer cutting onions or pepper by any chance? Skin should be facing up and not down for the chopper to perform better. I've have an older version that is still quite sharp as is the new one I got with my kit.
    May 23, 2009
  8. stefani2

    stefani2 Veteran Member

    I heard that too - wonder if it is true though....
    May 29, 2009
  9. esavvymom

    esavvymom Legend Member Staff Member

    Whatever you do, do NOT chop ice. I had heard that from my HospDirector and it does NOT work. It ruined the blades (bent them up). :D
    May 29, 2009
  10. EpTxGuy

    EpTxGuy Member

    My sister tells me that as recently as approx. 5 years ago, there was a sharpener available for consultants only (it was listed in the area of P2 in the paperwork supply order area). This is no longer available, and she guards hers with her life. I just know that I've never had a problem with my chopper, maybe the redesigned ones have improved blades (at least thru the 5 year guarantee) Sis tells me that once word got out that she had a sharpener for the chopper, she'd have 5 or 6 people at each show wanted to get their chopper sharpened (whether it needed it or not). I guess that didn't look good for anyone who was thinking of buying one, seeing everyone needing their old one sharpened!
    May 29, 2009
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