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Choice Words For Bookings!


Feb 22, 2006
I am not getting bookings lately. Whether it's from phones calls or shows, no one is biting. I am not sure what I am doing wrong but need some advice from those of you who get several bookings. How do you feel you do it??

Please help!




Mar 10, 2005
What has really helped me lately is changing the way I talk about hosting a show. I used to say, "Now, if you host a show, you can get free products, up to 4 half-price products and up to 30% off......." I really wasn't getting anywhere simply reciting the host program.

Finally, my director said something at a cluster meeting that stuck. She said that only about 20% of people who book a show do so to get free stuff. Most people are looking for a way to get together with some friends. Now, I don't actually go over the entire host program at one shot. As I'm using the Food Chopper in my demo I point out that I can help them get one for free. Then as I demo the Stainless Steel Bowls or the cookware I let everyone know how easy it is to get them at half-price.

Since I have changed the way I approach bookings at my shows, I have seen a big jump in bookings. I got 3 bookings at each of my last two shows and 2 bookings at each of the two shows before that.

Good luck:)


Nov 12, 2005
Words for Bookings

I always start off my shows with why I like Pampered Chef and why I decided to become a consultant. I then go over the benefits for having a show. How easy it is to put together. Then I mention the host special and that if anyone books off tonight, XXXX will be able to order the host special at your show. I make sure I mention the benefits a total of 3 times during my demo. It always seems to get someone to book.
I have the book to look idea out at all my shows, but it doesn't seem to get anyone to ask what it is all about. Hope this helps.....
Be excited about Pampered Chef and the benefits of having a show. Have a flyer out during your demo with the benefits listed on it.


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Jul 23, 2005
another thing that has been drilled into me is how you word things. dont say "if" you book a show say "when" you book a show. I also was told about how it takes at least 3 times of hearing something before it sinks into someones head what you was saying. my director does something a little different though. she will ask everyone if i gave you a 200 dollar shopping spree completely free for your favorite store you would be thrilled righ? well, i am giving you a 200 dollar shopping spree for PC too, all you have to do is book a show!! she has about 10 shows a month if not more using that.


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Feb 15, 2006
booking benefit

I also talk about the booking benefit, especially if there's something coming up on special that the current host is wanting. I let them know that when they book their show, not only can they get ___ for 60% off, but their friend Suzy host can too! Plus the current host will help get bookings if there's something they want on special:)