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Chocolate Showstopper Question


Aug 9, 2005
Hi there!
I was going thru the Consultants Corner information since I really haven't had a chance to.
The Showstoppers are really neat!
But I found myself asking a very very odd question for the Chocolate bowl.
I make canndy alot and thought it would be great to try.
But a balloon? do you wash it first? does it leave an aftertaste? I hate blowing up balloons because they have a funny taste.

Just wondering!!



Jan 31, 2005
I didn't notice

I've actually tried this before and I didn't notice a funny after taste at all. I didn't eat the whole bowl, but I did eat some of it and I did not notice a funny taste. I think the taste you get from blowing them up may be from the inside? I'm not too sure. Try it out and see! :D


Advanced Member
Nov 24, 2004
I've never washed my balloons, but who's to say you can't. I'd just rinse them after blowing them up, then make sure they are GOOD and DRY before dipping. Water will cause the chocolate to curdle.

Also, I've posted on another thread - but be careful when dipping. If the balloon is under too much pressure or if the chocolate is too hot, you will have a chocolate covered kitchen instead of a chocolate covered balloon.