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Chocolate Recipes for LARGE crowd


Aug 7, 2005
Hi all. I'm doing a presentation for the OSC luncheon next month...a group of about 150. The theme is chocolate. I'm not a big chocolate person myself, so I could use some help. I won't be able to actually bake anything there because I'll be up in front of them. I will have my buffet burners, can get a microwave. Refrigeration might be hard to pull off (maybe a cooler?) I know I can bake some things in advance, etc...but I'm having a really hard time finding 3 recipes that show a variety of things. I'm also having a hard time finding three recipes that don't all call for COOL WHIP!!!!! :) Right now I was thinking about having the 2-step fudge prepared in advance, finishing off the chocolate chip delight (have never actually tried this, though), Tiramisu brownie squares, and then maybe some kind of cake thing. (Are you starting to see what I mean about the Cool Whip? lol)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,


Veteran Member
Sep 23, 2005
How about the Peanutty Brownie Pizza. You bake the brownie crust crust ahead of time. I am using for an Amazing race show tomorrow night. I attached recipe in case you do not have it. Great for PMS show also


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