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Chocolate Chip Sensation


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Feb 20, 2005
Has anyone made this in the rectangular baker before? I have someone wanting it but doesn't really want it on the round stone. She thinks it would look nicer/more elegant (?) in the baker. My recruit makes it all the time in the deep dish baker and has for years. She first got the recipe at a show she went to 5 years ago when she was a customer and the consultant made it that way. She's only been with PC 6 months but still makes it in the DDB. I'm wondering if it will come out alright or be a big mess and also if I need to double it or not. I've never even made it the original way on the round stone so I"m totally clueless :eek:



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Sep 13, 2005
I have always made the chocolate chip sensation on the Large Round, I would say I have made about 50 of them! No, I have never tried it on anything else...so I can't be of much help. But the presentation on the Large Round Stone is wonderful. You can also use the Lift & Serve to transfer it to the Large SA Platter!!