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Chillzanne rectangle server


Veteran Member
Nov 9, 2005
I have a style show salad luncheon to go to Saturday that we as sweet adelines are putting on. I will be there late to the event and will have a friend bring my salad/deviled eggs. My question is - if I put my chillzanne server in my freezer tomorrow (Friday) and then after the deviled eggs are done put them in the fridge tomorrow (Friday) (no time Saturday morning to make them and take them) if they are out in room temperature Saturday from 9am until the luncheon starts at 11am will it still be cold???? I am guessing that yes they will still be cold and okay. There isn't enough fridge space, etc for them to be kept in prior to the luncheon starting.

Thanks in advance!


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Mar 17, 2006
I think that will stay cool. I brought my chillzane rectangle server to a show I did last night. I took it out of my freezer at 4:30 when I left my house. I ran a few errands and got to my host's house @ 5:30. I was packing to leave her home at 9:30 (VERY chatty ladies!) and when I got home @ 10:00 it was still nice and cool.

I'd try it if I were you. Try to put your name/business card on it so people will know who to ask when they see this great item!

fyi: If you have room in your freezer you should just leave the cold pack in there then it's always ready when you are. I lay mine flat so it freezes nice and even then I can place it anywhere so it's not in my way.

Best of luck to you,


Veteran Member
Jun 22, 2005
I agree with Linda... freeze it over night.
Will it be inside or outside?
If it's inside and you keep the lid on, at least until everyone is getting the food, it should be fine.
It stays cold a looong time, especially with the lid!


Advanced Member
Feb 25, 2006
I'd keep the eggs in the holder in the fridge over night and before you leave, put the eggs on the frozen tray you just took out of the freezer. This way they are very cold if this party is outdoors or the sun is coming thru the window on the eggs. Either way I'm sure they will be fine. That tray stays cold for a very long time! :)


Apr 18, 2005
They should be fine

I froze mine overnight, and then made my deviled eggs and set it out on the picinic table and the eggs were still so very cold on the bottom that I thought they were frozen...They were outside for several hours while camping at Detroit Lakes in Oregon in late August.



Apr 1, 2006
I have another idea for the rectangle chillzane. my mom took it to our family picnic and put different colors of finger jello in it for the kids. with all the different colors it looked really nice.