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Chicken Primavera Risotto



Hi all,

Tried this recipe for the family last night and it was a HUGE hit... even with the kids.

However, it is a VERY expensive recipe to buy ingredients for. I think I spent about $25 and that didn't even include the basil, which at my rip-off fancy grocery store was $4! (Just a tip... Asian markets sell it for less than a dollar usually...)

The mascapone cheese was $4 for a little tub. I would definately tell the host to use cream cheese instead. It is basically for texture only. Or, you could use the rest of the marscapone for a tiramisu recipe for dessert because you only end up using a quarter of the package for the chicken recipe.

The Asiago was about $4. That would be the one thing I would suggest keeping. It is a very different flavor and texture than parm and the asiago crisps are INCREDIBLY delicious!

I bought a tiny package of chicken, which was ridiculously expensive. Much better if your host can get a large package on sale and just use a couple of the halves for the recipe and freeze the rest.

Finally, the precooked rice: They now have a family size pack by Uncle Ben's called Ready Rice, so you can get away with just one package. If I were to buy two of the smaller ones, it would have been over $4 just for the rice. Ouch. At a party, I would use plain white rice with a chicken bullion cube thrown in and cook it in the rice cooker for the demo. WAY cheaper and you get to show the rice cooker off. Plus, frankly, it would taste better too.

Other than the cost, this is a great demo recipe because it involves a lot of tools and shows off the family skillet to it's best advantage. And it is just delicious!



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Nov 3, 2005

i had this recipe at a step up to directors retreat this past weekend and it was absolutely delicious. We used plain white rice...and used the cream cheese and it still turned out good. if it was any better i don't believe i could handle it. If you were going to do this recipe at shows it might be a good idea for you just to buy the package of asiago cheese and just supply that at your shows. the package we had would be enough to supply 4 shows. so people would be hesitant to buy a $5 package of cheese that would only be used once. It was so good last weekend, i am going to cook it for my familiy tonight.


Feb 6, 2006
I made it a couple of weeks ago for the family and will in the future use un-flavored rice (it interfered with the flavors), we made the Asiago crisps and in the future will add some garlic or onion to this.

What was really good were the caprese appetizers!!!!! When I made those we wound up only eating those for dinner and we were so full but still cramming them down...I doubled the garlic...OMG!!!!! Delizioso! (I will add the Balsamic to the dressing/spread instead of putting it directly on the bread in the future).


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Nov 3, 2005
i am so upset...

i just made the recipe and also made the pull-apart garlic bread and my husband didn't like it....he said he didn't like the asiago cheese and the bread had to much garlic....but i still like it....i told him next time i cooked it i would just have to cook him something else....

Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
For my Risotto shows I am discouraging my hosts from purchasing the asiago and marscapone cheeses. I am also really pushing the rice in the rice cooker instead of the packaged instant rice. Those things really cut the cost down. When I made it I got all the ingredients for the $15 price (although I did get the packaged rice--it was on sale at my grocery store, but full price it is almost $4 a package).

This recipe is sooo yummy! I wish we could try the recipes at conference. They announced the new Celebrations then we broke for lunch. The lunch they served us was so disappointing after seeing the Celebrations launch.