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Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap

Apr 5, 2005
Hey guys, I need the chicken caesar salad wrap recipe from the Main Dishes cookbook (page 79)...ASAP! THANKS!


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Feb 2, 2007
Has anyone ever made these? Or just grilled chicken for that matter?

I was thinking of doing it but if I did it for a show could I cook the chicken on a stone rather than on cookware? Advice would be greatly appreciated.


Oct 5, 2006
Hope this helps!

Shannon! I just looked at your signature and saw you are from Hillsboro. My husband was born there! I have never been there but his mom's family was originally from there. He was an AF kid and lived all over.

My variations: I use the lg stainless steel bowl instead of batter bowl.....less possibility of making a mess and bigger $$ item:D :D
If time is an issue I use Tyson breaded chicken tenders,split in half and microwaved on a sm stone or SA square

Chicken Caesar Salad Wraps:
2 boneless,skinless chicken breasts
Olive oil
2 garlic cloves,pressed
1/4 c chopped red onion
1/4 c pitted chopped olives
1/4 c red bell pepper, chopped
1 oz fresh grated parmesan cheese(1/4 c)
4 c romaine lettuce, thinly sliced
3/4 c seasoned croutons
1/2 c fat-free caesar salad dressing
6 (8in) tortillas

1. Lightly spray chicken using kitchen spritzer. Press garlic with the Garlic Press. Firmly press garlic into chicken using the Skinny Scraper. Heat Small Saute Pan over Medium until hot. Cook chicken 15-20 minutes until no longer pink in the center. Turn once with the Nylon Tongs Remove chicken;cool. Slice into 1/4in strips using the Utility Knife. Place chicken in Classic Batter Bowl.
2. Chop onion and olives using the Food Chopper. Chop bell pepper using the utility knife. Grate cheese using the Deluxe Cheese Grater. Slice lettuce. Add onion,olives,bell pepper,cheese,lettuce,croutons and dressing to batter bowl. Toss mixture to coat evenly.
3. For each wrap, place about 3/4 c of the mixture on tortilla. Roll tortilla up tightly.Repeat. To serve, cut each roll in half diagonally with serrated bread knife.
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Feb 2, 2007
What a small world! Thank you for your input and help. Since this is dealing with a group of WW ladies I wanted to make it as figure friendly as possible. So I will make the chicken, I was just thinking since they say frying them that maybe if I made them on a stone it would show the stones for easy prep but I guess I could just make them in the microwave too???