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Chicken Broccoli Braid Help!!

Apr 15, 2006
Hi! I've had a host request the Chicken Broccoli Braid and I found the recipe, but I'm having a hard time understanding the instructions on how to do the braid. I've done a search, but can't find any photos, which would be extremely helpful. Anyone know of any photos out there? The only cookbook I have is the Stoneware Sensations and it's not in there. Thanks!


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Oct 11, 2005
WoW I just had a similar question. Someone posted the photos for me, so here ya go!


  • Chicken Brocolli Ring Pic.JPG
    Chicken Brocolli Ring Pic.JPG
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  • Making the Wreath.JPG
    Making the Wreath.JPG
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Apr 15, 2006
Thanks for those photos, but those are for the wreath, not the braid. :( Anybody out there have photos of the braid? If not, I'll have to try the wreath. If all else fails, I can do just the plain ring...it always looks nice. Thanks!! :)


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Jun 24, 2005
Braid Directions

Basically just roll out the Crescent Rolls onto the Rec. Stone and some will hang off edges of stone. Put the crescrent rolls at their widest (LONG way) across the skinny part of the Rec. Stone (clear as mud??) ;)

Roll seams together, cut every so often, about every 1 1/2 and only go in one crescent rolls about 2-3" on each side. Leaving center portion without any cuts.

Then you scoop to filling onto part without cuts, and then take one piece that you've cut and pick it up and twist it as you bring it towards center and then take one piece from other side and do same, continue til done. I usually take one from beginning and wrap around front of dough (top) and then one at bottom of dough, so nothing "escapes" while cooking.

If you've got the All the Best it really gives step by step instructions better than this, but hope I've made it a little clearer for you. :rolleyes:

Good Luck, I think the braids are MUCH easier then the rings or the wreathes.