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Pampered Chef: Chef's Knife w Case

  1. Stephanie S

    Stephanie S Member

    Does anyone know if the Chef's Knife with Case will fit in the Chef's Tongs box? I know this sounds like a silly question, but here's the situation. A guest/customer from a show back in June wrote me that she is experiencing problems with the Chef's Knife W Case that she ordered " bought Item #1047 Chef's Knife w/case and it has become very dull and the case it comes in doesn't do much work as far as the sharpening goes."

    I have been told that she needs to send it to the Markham Office (I am from Canada) and they will then send her a new one. I know she is not going to be thrilled about this at all, and she already told me that she threw out the box that it came in. I would like to send her a box, as well as an address label to send the knife back in. Any suggestions?
    Sep 13, 2005
  2. amya

    amya Member

    Sometimes, if the customer doesn't live too far away, I offer to pick up the item and return it for her. This way, she doesn't have to worry about finding a box and going to the post office, and usually I'm out running errands anyway so I don't mind helping.
    Sep 14, 2005
  3. luvs2sellit

    luvs2sellit Advanced Member

    I would think a padded envelope would do the trick.
    Sep 14, 2005
  4. tlmcunning

    tlmcunning Member

    The Chef's knife with case will not fit in the chef tongs box. The knife is wider and longer than the tongs.

    I agree that a padded envelope would work fine for sending it in.

    Sep 14, 2005
  5. Stephanie S

    Stephanie S Member

    Padded Envelope

    Ok great, that's what I will do, send her a package including a padded envelope. I work full time so I am not able to run around doing these errands myself. What I am able to do though is send her the complete package to help her out.

    Thanks again!
    Sep 14, 2005
  6. chefloriray

    chefloriray Guest

    I would have her to wrap the knife in some bubble wrap or plastic first before putting in the padded envelope before mailing it. Just in case it slips out of the case and cuts through the envelope. Some post offices wont mail hazerdous material like that without proper packaging. So check it out before you mail or it may not get to its destination (may get confiscated?) Just my two cents worth.
    Sep 14, 2005
  7. I know that this is a month too late but, I had experienced the same problem with a friends PC knife that would not even cut a tomato. What you need to do is get a knife steel. I wish we sold one. You can pick it up at any kitchen store, I recommend William-sonoma, because they have the same policy we do. Return and replace. Just strike it a few times and it will align the blade. If you'd like you can contact me by email and I can call you to explain a little more. It's kinda hard on computer. It totally did the trick and she is happy with her knife again.
    Oct 13, 2005
  8. Sk8Mom209

    Sk8Mom209 Advanced Member Gold Member

    If your guest is using the knife as recommended, I would have her send it back. It has a lifetime guarantee. Why suggest she go by another product that if being used correctly will be replaced for free?
    Oct 14, 2005
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