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Chatty Kathy's

Kelley Sells

Feb 2, 2006
Okay, so for the 2nd time in two weeks, I did my show to a string of Chatty Kathy's.....no matter HOW loudly I talked, they would continue on even LOUDER....LOL....

Last week it was a group of about 13-15 women (in and out and talking).....
I KNOW i should have better control of them, I tried getting them involved, but it just seems that they like to "gather" and ALL of them own PC and have been to SEVERAL shows......hmpf.....last week I ended up doing pretty much an express show....LOL...

How do you all handle the chatty's....I'm trying to think of a unique way to capture their attention, I can sing, maybe singing my show would capture them? :eek:

I've tried just one of the games and THAT was a flop.....then I tried the Got it, love it, love it gotta have it....but THAT was lame......

And mind you I am STILL not into the flow on my show.......

BUT the Egg separator and the Madonna's costume reference seems to keep them howling.......

I just tell them, "and this is where Madonna got her costume idea (as I hold it close to my chest)....yup, she was using the egg seperator and leaned over too far and when she stood up, well, you know the rest....."

It's not my group of ladies I know it is me......I'm just looking for some ideas on how to capture....the video from PC is really kinda lame and only ONCE have I had that atmosphere and it was in my own home.....LOL......

Yes, I am trying to get with my Director to view her shows.....as the one I met her at was caotic...and she was FUN......


Hi Kelley,

I have yet to find that perfect solution, either! The best I have done so far is to play the 'got it, love it, gotta have it' game with tickets. I ask for a volunteer to help and give them the roll of tickets. I tell them that every time someone either has a product or is planning to buy a product, they get to give out a ticket for the drawing. (I use 2 part tickets so they don't have to write their name down.)

So far, that has been the best way to keep a lid on the chaos!

I find my bigger problem is with a bunch of quiet and shy women. I just feel very 'talkative' sometimes and wonder if I am boring them to death. I really need to figure out a way to liven up the group!



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Feb 17, 2006
I don't know of anything that will work everytime. I have actually told a group of women to "shut up!" before...granted it was all very extended family (my SIL's SIL and her family and friends) and that worked but everyone laughed at me. I have also (jokingly) ignored questions and finally responed with "I'm sorry, I didn't know you were asking a question since everybody was talking" I do find that if I start asking them questions that they start to pay attention since they want to know the answer.

Rachel, I know what you mean about the quite ones...I find that the ones that are most quiet in a group are most interested either in the products or the opportunity so I tend to speak more directly to them.


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Oct 6, 2005
You can stop your presentation and start looking under the table. Someone will ask what you're looking for and you say "Control. I think I lost it a long time ago."


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Jun 20, 2005
I have a group of women that are basically shy with one or two (for lack of a better term) LOUD MOUTHS! They shy ones are kinda hard to bring out of their shell. I just normally try to be myself and add a little humor. Another thing I've been doing is to use chocolate. Have them ask questions for the chocolate or better yet ASK THEM QUESTIONS. Give them a chocolate for talking about a product. Give the person with the most chocolate money off their order or a free gift.


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Apr 10, 2005
This is what I do!

DebbieJ said:
You can stop your presentation and start looking under the table. Someone will ask what you're looking for and you say "Control. I think I lost it a long time ago."

I make a big production of it though.

I start off by COMPLETELY stopping my show, and then I start looking on my work station.

If that doesn't get their attention after a minute or so, I start looking under and around my work station throwing in a little sigh periodically for dramatic effect...

If that doesn't get their attention, then I start walking in among their chairs, looking under their seats. Sometimes I'll stop and put a thinking look (ala Pooh Bear) on my face...by this point somebody will usually ask...

"What are you doing"...or my personal favorite "Can I/we help you look for something?"

To which I reply..."Somewhere along the way, I seem to have lost control...could you please help me find it?"

I find this very effective. It lets them know they are being inconsiderate without me having to say "Listen up, b****es, you may not care, but this is my job...PAY ATTENTION!"

Which, of course, I would never do...but I have felt like it sometimes! This method also works to lessen the tention I have been feeling...

I find that the more goofy and dramatic you make it, the more people laugh, and then sit and actually watch!

Sometimes, you then have to encourage them to have fun WITH WHAT YOU ARE DOING, not amongst themselves!

Hope this little trick helps...
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Aug 24, 2005
I find that when you involve them, it helps. Ask them if they have a (fill in the blank) "Who has this? Tell us all how much you love it!"

Also, my director pointed out that those people often buy. They are there to have fun, not be yelled at like schoolkids talking in class. Make it fun for them!


Aug 20, 2005
get close

Another thing that will help, as the group gets louder and louder, walk toward them, the closer you get to people and invade their personal space the closer attention they pay you. Even if you have to stay in their midst to get a point across.
Good luck


Advanced Member
Feb 25, 2006
I like Karens idea.. start to move from behind your table and get close.

or you can just sit down with them and when they look at you say Oh thats right, I was so involved in what you were talking about I forgot that I actually am supposed to be in charge here huh? lol Or I figured your conversation was better than what I was talking about lol

Of course I'd never have enough nerve but I think its funny.


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Feb 17, 2005
I start out saying "for those who want to listen please sit up front and for those who already been to several parties talk among yourselves”. :)


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Nov 11, 2005
Sometimes it helps to go over towards the "distractors" and ask them a question directly. If you're standing by them, it kind of "catches them out of class" and they get quiet. Another thing, give them some cards with PC information on them. Tell them to read off the cards when you ring a bell. Ring the bell when they start talking among themselves. However, if they're talking about Pampeted Chef stuff, let them talk to everybody about what they like.

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