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Chat Room

Aug 24, 2005
Does anyone ever go to the chat room? I've been there several times but no one is ever there. Thought i may be going at the wrong time.


Advanced Member
Oct 7, 2005
I'm with ya on that one.. I always see if people are in there, but no one ever is.. would be nice to have a little chat-time with some other PCers.. :) Any time better than others for you all so maybe we could meet up to gab sometime? I'm a SAHM so I'm on this site practically all day long..

Talk to you all later :)


Novice Member
Nov 12, 2005
Yeah, I'm new to this site and have loved the tips, suggestions and encouragement, but enjoy "live" conversations with people. I'm usually online at night anywhere from 9:30-11:30 p.m. EST. Would love to talk with some other consultants.


Legacy Member
Gold Member
Feb 20, 2005
They did a survey a while back when we were asking for a scheduled chat to be set up. The final outcome was Monday won I believe (you can see the survey and results under ChefSuccess Feedback and Announcements section).

Maybe if we just start a NEW thread saying anyone want to chat in whatever section we might have some others join us...not scheduled, just spontaneous?

Just an idea. :)


Silver Member
Nov 24, 2005
Hello I just registered on this site a few moments ago and thought I would check in at the chat room. There was one girl there named Rebecca, but I think I was too late. I tried saying hello but there was no response. I guess we passed through the chat room door without noticing each other!!
Oh well. I will keep checking from time to time!

Cheers from Canada