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Chamber of Commerce Mixer - 60-80 attendance


Mar 27, 2006
Hi everyone!

I joined my local Chamber of Commerce and I have to say I am very impressed with what they have to offer. Lots of free advertising, networking opportunities, etc.

I have the opportunity to host a 'mixer' at the Chamber of Commerce office this month. I'm told that I can count on 60-80 members to attend. It would be for 2 hours - from 5pm to 7pm. They provide the advertising and the meeting area, I have to provide the food.

Has anyone done something like this before? It is a lot of people and I don't want make sure I can meet everyone. Any suggestions on food? I was thinking of just getting party trays (veggies, fruits, etc) at my local grocery and then making up a few nice desserts. I would have a display of PC Items, catalogs, flyers and would offer to demonstrate products at guest's request. I would address the group and focus mostly on the Help Whip Cancer fundraiser, maybe talk about Express Lunch Shows for their business.

Any ideas? This is my first month and I'm quite nervous :eek: - but - I don't want to pass up this opportunity to get my name out there. I am amazed at how many people I'm running into in my area that have never heard of PC.

TIA! :)


Mar 3, 2006
I have heard of doing this but call me dunb! How exactly do you find your local Chamber of Commerce so you can join? Dose it cost anything? Thanks for your information. I NEED to get my name out there more!! LOL


Gold Member
Jan 26, 2006
Wow!! Good for you, Audra!! This is an amazing opportunity for you!!

You should do some vege trays and fruit trays. You can make them yourself and save some cash. Cut the veges with your Crinkle Cutter from your kit. Mix up a dip from the Farmer's Market Seasonings Set.

You may want to try a couple of PC recipes to showcase how great our recipes are. Maybe check out this other thread for the Mini Caprese Sandwiches in a ring..

Even if you did two of these, that might be enough to at least give people a taste. You just want to be sure to cut small pieces. You are not feeding them a meal!!!


Advanced Member
Oct 7, 2005
You can look in your phone book or google your city online (ex: "Chamber of Commerce Smallville, PA") and you should find their contact information. There is an annual cost. For me, it is $75, but it varies by size of the city (the neighboring city is much larger and $150/yr). Like Audra mentioned, they offer a lot of advertising & networking opportunities, plus they give you an "in" on local fairs/events that you could take part in. Many say it is definately worth doing.


Mar 27, 2006
That's exactly how I found my Chamber of Commerce. It cost me $205 but here are some of the benefits:
-Free advertising for a month every quarter in the weekly email newsletter
-Only $30 to advertise business card sized ad in the monthly mail newsletter
-Free TV/Radio advertising (too bad I can't take advantage of this one!!)
-Free monthly breakfast meeting to hand out business cards and network. Can also address the group for 3 minutes to tell about specials, etc.
-Leave business cards and flyers in the Chamber of Commerce
And, what I like best of all are the suggestions from my contact at the Chamber. She gave me a list of business to hit up for help on the Help Whip Cancer program. With so many small business in my area, it helps to have a list of business that is a little 'warm'.
Thank you for the suggestions on the mixer! I really have some planning to do but I hope to make a lot of good contacts.
Please keep the suggestions coming! :)


Mar 27, 2006
Oops - I forgot they also do a ribbon cutting at the Chamber of Commerce which is basically a picture of me looking like I'm cutting a ribbon (and I have chamber employees around me). It goes in the newspaper 'introducing' my business to the community. They include my contact information.
And, there is an ambassador group I can join. It is basically a monthly breakfast with new members and a picture is taken and put in the newspaper. This would get my name and 'Pampered Chef' in the paper every month.
I haven't even had the new member orientation yet! There may be even more member benefits.


Legend Member
Dec 1, 2005
This sounds like a great opportunity Audra!! I would do some of the cheaper recipes that can feed a lot of people, like the mandarin pasta salad. Then you can put it in the simple additions large bowl and book July (it's the special) You can also push June shows with the basket under it. Be sure to mention that $3 from every booking goes to ACS if you are holding a fundraiser. Good luck and don't get overwhelmed.

Gillian Wright
Wasilla, Alaska