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Catalog Shows


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Oct 11, 2005
Do you offer an incentive for customers to book a cooking show when your host does a catalog show?


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Jan 17, 2006

After I get in my catalog show orders, I make sure I let all the customers, who placed an order, know about hosting benefits (especially kitchen shows). I include a letter along with their receipt. Either I mail this or I ask the hostess to include them in each customers order. I stress how you usually get more sales with a kitchen show because people attending the show see the products being used and are coming with a purpose to shop. I also mention how you get $15 more in FREE products as a kitchen host because of the ingredients that are purchased for the show recipe. Also I let them know some delicious recipes we could do at their show, I let them know the dates I have open, and I let them know how much commission I made from the catalog show just in case they want to become a consultant.