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Catalog shows

Happy Mom

Aug 11, 2005
I have three catalog shows and one home show booked next month. Any hints to increase sales that you could give me would be appreciated.

I have spent so much $ starting this business that I really need to recoup it. I joined so I could pay the bills and need to see a positive cash flow. I have been working lots of hours every day to get this off the ground. I did download two of the posted suggestions. I am okay for September but the rest of the year is tentative. I've left flyers for fundraisers, giving out flyers like crazy, cold calling in person, and I am working on a corporate proposal.

I love PC and their products, but I must say that you learn very fast who your friends are. I have never had so many emails and calls that were not returned, even the family ones. I was really disappointed since I always supported them when I was working full time. I still have wrapping paper left from 3 years ago.

How long does it take to get your debit card?

How do I use the BOLD, etc. on the top of this screen? It doesn't work like Word.

Thanks so much.


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Jun 20, 2005
I know the feeling about friends and family. They will buy but I can't get them to have a show for anything. :mad: My mother-in-law knows so many people that it's not funny and she just won't have a show. The cold calling has helped me a lot. I just sat down with the phone book starting with A and said that I wasn't stopping until I ran out of #'s or got a yes. I made to Adams and got a yes and I don't know what PC is, but Maybe...tell me more! Just keep doing what you are doing. I know that I've spent some money, but not very much. Try to keep your costs as low as possible, until you start pulling in some cash.

BOLD Type what you want to say then highlight and click bold.

PC Debit Card will take a few weeks to actually get. I would call field services to get the card #. That's all you really need as the card is not an actual debit card.
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Feb 22, 2005
One idea is fundraisers for schools. School is starting here the end of the month but the Superintendent's Office is open all summer long. Call the superintendents office and ask who the head of the PTA is. This is the organization that usually sets up fundraisers for the year. Aslo, call the highschool and see if they have a band or sports Boosters Program. These are who usually raises $ for trips that the groups take. Also, find out who heads up Project Graduation. They need to raise all kinds of $ for the end of the year stuff that they do. These are just a few areas to start with.

A lady in my cluster did a fundraiser for the Band Boosters last year and it was oer an $8000 show. Give it a try!