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Catalog shows UGGHHH


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Jun 27, 2005
I am seeking to find out if I am alone in the world of catalog shows....I was supposed to have 5 since Oct. They either take on one of three personalities: 1) They can't get qualified so I have to add it to another show. 2) The host disappears and won't answer my calls or return them. 3) Or they are supposed to close one month and then end up closing it 2 months later. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I try to host coach for the ones that will answer my calls. I have tried to get them excited about all the benefits they can get(especially this month). Is anyone else having this problem? I am debating whether or not to stop having this as an option.
Any thoughts?


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Feb 2, 2005
catalog shows are hard because unless the customers already know about PC the products seem too expensive...at least in my area. I was the same way. Until I actually saw the products and touched them I always thought they were way too expensive and I could get the product at Wal Mart. I think Catalog host get discouraged easier too. That is just my opinion.

Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
Krzymom--I host coach in person. This is incredibly more important to do with a catalog show host. Most of the time a host will opt for a catalog show because she has never had a Cooking show and doesn't know what to expect. Meeting with your host in person is very important. It helps them to put a face to the paperwork giving them a sense of obligation (not in a bad way--it just makes you more real to them). You are also able to read their body language to see if you need to explain something in greater detail.

Since I began including my catalog shows in my in person host coaching that show average has gone up. I used to be lucky if they got over $300 in sales now they all seem to hit that and sometimes much more. I can tell I have much happier catalog hosts that in the future may opt for a cooking show because they understand the process now.

In some cases it is impossible to do a face to face meeting because they are out of state or something. For these I just cross my fingers. But I do not rely on the catalog shows. They are like gravy.

Also, I try to give them a 2-3 week window of time. If we start the catalog party on the 1st we want to close it by the 15th. When they have that deadline already allowing them 1 extra week sounds like a gift. Then they won't stretch out forever.

I hope these tips help you. Catalog shows offer a good buffer for weaker booked months. I like to have at least 2 going each month. Without these it hinders your success, so I think you should reconsider giving them up all together.
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Personally, I get along with catalog shows, for the most part, pretty good. But it does help if the host has had a show or seen the products first hand to know how to explain the product in question to the buying guest. I have had about 3 1000+ catalog shows. Which I LOVE because they are doing more of the work than me and I get commission and am hardly out anything. But sometimes it is harder to get in touch with them that is for sure. No matter which way we look at it in this business, we are going to win some and lose some. It doesnt matter if it is kitchen or catalog show, we are going to have problems. Even if we host coach like crazy, there are still those out there that do not cooperate. With working full time, being pregnant, dealing with my brother having lung cancer and my mom and her back problems, I totally love catalog shows!!


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Jun 4, 2005
Catalog shows are my bread and butter...........

I love catalog shows. I have had more of them than Kitchen shows. The lowest has been $270 and I am getting ready to close on a $700 one. I am in the Air Force as well so I know tons of people all over the world. I can't complain at all. My lower shows have been held by the same person but bless him he tries and that is all I can ask!! LOL


Apr 22, 2005
food or samples?

I was wondering the other day if there's something I could do to bring a little of the kitchen show to a catalog show...for example: give the catalog host a sample pkg of spice and one of the prep bowls for them to make a dip (she provide the chips) and leave on their desk at work or breakroom, or pass around to people whenever she drops off a catalog? She can maybe keep the bowl if her sales are $300 or something....just thinking, may not be realistic....