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Catalog Show Follow Up

Dec 13, 2005
I don't know if I have ever posted here before or not but I'm quite new to Pampered Chef. January is my actual Super Starter month.

I am getting ready to submit a catalog show and was wondering if most of you follow up with customers who placed an order for the catalog show by phone or mail? Some of my order forms just listed an address so I was thinking of sending them a letter of some sort thanking them for their order. What would you normally say in this instance?

I've tried other home businesses before and I really like this so I want to make it work and put forth the effort to make the customer feel appreciated.

Thanks for your help.


Veteran Member
Jun 20, 2005
Cooking or Catalog I always make sure I get their phone number. I tell my host that for every order form she turns in with the top part filled in completely I'll give her a dollar off her total! :D That way I get all their contact info. If I don't get it I use 411.com and look them up. Or get it from their check.

I then call everyone before I submit the show to see if their order was complete, if their was anything that they wanted but couldn't buy today (I put this in the Wish List) and then ask if they have ever considered becoming a Consultant! That we receive a 20% discount on anything we buy out of the catalog, PLUS we receive wonderful products for FREE several times a year, AND we also earn a generous commission each month. I explain that by trying the Pampered Chef out for 3 months could bring them home up to $1800 in commission AND about $900 in FREE product!

If they say no I move on to hosting a show. I ask them if they would like to have their own Cooking show and receive some of the items on their Wish List for FREE or at a discount! I tell them how much their host received! I get this off the Thank You letter in PP.

If they say no I thank them for their time, remind them when their products will arrive and that they will come to Suzy Host!