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Pampered Chef: Catalog Scavenger Hunt

  1. chefjill

    chefjill Member

    Do any of you wonderfully creative consultants have a Spring/Summer 06 catalog scavenger hunt you'd be willing to share? I'd love to use one at my next cluster meeting...


    Jill Wright
    Director, Benicia, CA
    [email protected]
    Feb 6, 2006
  2. 2006 Spring/Summer Catalog in Review

    1. Table of Contents is listed by category and subtitles on page 2,
    right next to what?________________________________
    2. Found in the Entertaining section …..The new Chillzanne Sectional
    Server includes a bowl with a capacity of ______________ & two trays in
    the shape of _________________.
    3. Outdoor Party plates have a _________ diameter and come in a set of
    4. What are the 3 new features of the Quick Stir Pitchers?
    5. The Barbecue Skewer Set is _____inches long and has a duel purpose
    tool that can be used for ____________&____________.
    6. The new mid-season products are featured on page 6 in a
    ______________ shaded box. (color)
    7. What is featured on page 8,9,10 &
    8. The new SA Stands are made of _________________ with a
    ______________ ______________finish.
    9. The Cutting edge begins on page 12. What subtitles are included in
    this section? ___________________________,
    10. Cookware …. The new Executive Cookware is Hard-anodized aluminum
    reinforced with a titanium alloy. What does this mean?
    11. Name 3 other features of the Executive Cookware
    _____________________ ___________________ __________________
    12. What is the price difference between the Executive 8” pan & the
    Professional 8” pan? ________________
    The largest section
    of the catalog is Kitchenware.
    13. The New Wave of Colors are called ________________,
    _________________& _________________.
    14. The Microfiber Towels have many uses. List 3 reasons every customer
    should buy one of each color!
    15. The Smooth Edge Can Opener is located in this section & is
    pictured on page_____ The Ice Cream Dipper is on page______
    16. The name of the recipe found on page 32
    17. Why is page 32 important to point out to guests during a show?
    18. How could pages 34 & 35 help your stoneware buying guests?
    19. What stones can you find on pages 36 & 37? ______________________
    20. What section follows the Stoneware in the catalog?
    21. The pantry starts on page 42. The Pampered Chef Recipes cards are
    on page____. What is found on page 44? ____________
    22. Page 45 displays _________(#) gifts sets and what new customer
    benefit? ________________________
    23. What set of cookware is a host half-priced combination?
    24. The back cover of the catalog shows guests 3 potential benefits and
    3 potential objections to becoming a consultant. How will
    this tool help you in your show presentation?

    Hope this helps :eek:
    Mar 2, 2006
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