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Pampered Chef: Bookings Cancelled Shows

  1. proudmama02

    proudmama02 Member

    I am in need of help!! I have had my only 2 Nov. shows cancelled. Host can't get any orders, due to bad time of year, no money etc. I have done lots of host coaching, and have went back to my 100 names. NO LUCK!
    Only had one show in Oct. so now I am on the edge of becoming inactive.
    Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks
    Nov 21, 2005
  2. pchefinski

    pchefinski Advanced Member

    Have you tried a "Mystery Host Show"/"10 for a Grand" show? You get 10 people to collect $100 orders each, and then submit it as a show altogether. You just split up the host benefits into 10 shares. You could do the same thing with a show that doesn't reach $1000.. each host gets 1 share of the benefits for every $100 of orders they collect... So if someone collects $300 in products, they'd get 3 shares of the benefits, and another who collected $100 only gets 1 share.
    You might not be able to get someone to host a huge show on their own, but if you offer this to people, they can get a share of the host benefits with collecting just 4 or 5 orders.. that's not that hard! Or, scale this down and just get two or 3 people to get $100 each.. it wouldn't make you a ton of commission, but it would ensure you don't go inactive.

    There's also always those batter gift bowls that everyone has been selling like hotcakes this year. Check out your area to see if there are any shops where you can display a few, and take orders from customers. Make up a nice tri-fold brochure and pass them around the neighborhood.. make sure to include a variety of different mixes, including soups, cookies, low-fat selections, sugar-free selections, low-carb selections, etc. Take orders for like 10 days (with payment of course), and then submit them all as a show (don't put yourself as the host or it won't count for commission), and when they come in, fill them according to your orders, tie a pretty bow around them, put them back in the box they came in, wrap and voila!--a present that is completely done for the holidays!! A post I saw earlier mentioned charging $15 for one of these. Make sure to cover the cost of the ingredients for the mixes, and the wrapping paper/bows/tags, etc. You don't necessarily have to MAKE money on these, but as long as you break even, you're at least saving yourself from going inactive.

    Good luck, and God bless.
    Nov 21, 2005
  3. PampChefNancy1

    PampChefNancy1 Novice Member

    You could put them as a show under your name and still get the commission for the show. There is no where that it says that we can not host our own show and not get the commission for it. :)

    I hope this helps, because pchefinski's ideas are wonderful!! :D

    Nancy Lindsey
  4. pchefinski

    pchefinski Advanced Member

    Really? I thought we couldn't do shows ourself and get the commission.. Hmm.. :confused: Is it that we can't use our 20% discount then? There's some restriction somewhere I thought.. :)
    Nov 21, 2005
  5. PCAbby

    PCAbby Member

    I have had over50% ofmy shows cancel on me too (last minute ofcourse) and my other ones are alltime lows for me (175$)
    I hosted my own show which was great because I got lots of free stuff and earned a commission off of it. The only restriction is that a) you can't take advantage of booking benefit-if someone books a show from you, you can't take advantage of the host special that month like a regular host. And I think you can't use your regular PC discount ON TOP of you host discount.
    Have fun
    Nov 21, 2005
  6. pamperedbecky

    pamperedbecky Legacy Member

    We can host shows ourselves as consultants. We would receive commission on guest orders only, but not our own orders. As the host, you can take advantage of the host benefits, including free products, 1/2 price products, other products at a 15%-30% discount and the monthly host special. We can't take advantage of any booking benefits say if someone booked at our show and we wanted to buy the monthly host special at their show.
    Nov 21, 2005
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