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Canadian Consultants + Tax Tips

Stephanie S

May 13, 2005
I am looking for some information regarding income tax returns.

I work full-time and do Pampered Chef on the side. I heard some other consultants at National Conference speaking about how they work full-time, do Pampered Chef on the side, and some how come out with tax refunds. My boyfriend (investment banker) doesn't see how this is possible.

Any info?


Jun 5, 2005
Well by keeping all your reciepts for gas and any repairs to your vehicle, food to try for recipes, office supplies, a part of you house you use for business, any PC tools you buy, all these things add up and give you tax relief. Some might not get money back if your business is really going great, but the money you might put earn might not be enough to have to pay tax. I have two business and have never had to pay tax because of all the deductions that I could make. I hope this helps. I think there is a post on all the things to keep for reciepts. I actually found it.


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