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Can anyone suggest a good Video/dvd from PC for NEWBIES?

Mar 13, 2006
Hey there
I found out that May is my SS month so I will not even get my kit until April....good grief. Ok that is only a week away but I am ready to go. However, I can't have a party without invitations, books ...you know all the good stuff.

So anyway, while I wait I thought I could get one of the training video's but wasn't sure which would be the most helpful. Any advice? Did anyone use these?

As you can see to the left is a pic of my three beautiful babies. My two year old triplets, Rylee Gray, Richard McKinley (Buddy) and Payton Noelle! Three big reasons to have a part time job....money and peace and quiet when I do a show, lol!

Thanks to everyone


Aug 20, 2005
kitchen show "live"

Hi Tiffany! Welcome aboard. I know that you must just be chompin at the bit to get started, and it must be frustrating not to have your starter kit yet.

I would talk with your director, they usually have CD's or DVD's that you can "check out" from them. When I check out CD's I usually make a copy of them so I can listen to them over and over and over. The best advice as to which one's to check out: I would listen to the Kitchen Show Live CD's there are several that people have done over the years. They give you great idea's for one liners in your show and you get a feel for how you might want to perform your shows.
Also, the recruiting CD's are excellent. The sooner you get started recruiting the sooner your business will grow. The one with Don Funt at the moderator is really good.

You could also listen to some of the recorded tele-classes on consultant's corner. A lot of GREAT information there. Or you could participate in a live tele-class. I have done a few and they are really helpful. Just go to CC and check the schedule.

So good luck in your search for information. And good luck in your new business!


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Jan 21, 2005
Talk to your recruiter/director. Most will give you host packets and information like a video and Welcome Book to get you started while you wait for your kit. Most also do some kind of new consultant training so you can get off running when your kit is delivered.

It's to their advantage. They get something for you qualifying and the sooner you do the sooner they get their reward too.

Good luck to you!
Jan 24, 2006
Welcome and good luck! You are already doing the most productive thing you could do...be on this website. It has helped my business incredibly. With my full time job I knew the importance of networking but this site give it new meaning.