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Can anyone help me? :(

Mar 12, 2006
I am having a fundraiser for a dear family of a little boy that has leukemia. I am donating every bit of my commission to this family as they are having a very hard time financially. I live in the US, and just had someone from Canada ask me about ordering, shipping etc. My director told me that it is not possible, unless I ship to my house first, and then ship it to them. I know regular shipping is SO expensive compared to PC shipping, so I was wondering (and I know this is alot to ask, so just tell me to shut up if you would like and I totally understand!) if anyone would be willing to take this nice lady's order and possibly donate their commission to this little boy's family. (I can send you his CaringBridge page so you can read about him!! He is a sweetie pie!) I can send you their addy so you could send the donation directly to them for his fund. You might just end up with a customer for life since they would appreciate what you are doing so much!

Please let me know if anyone would be willing to do this for them. If not, I totally understand! We are all trying to put food on the table, and I am there with you on that! I just really want to bless this precious family and I dont know any other way without this lady having horribly expensive shipping which would probably scare her away totally!

Thanks so much and God bless
Dec 15, 2005
Hi there,

What a wonderful cause I would love to help out I live in the Toronto area. I would be more than happy to place her order and donate to the cause.