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Calling for bookings


May 16, 2005
How long do you wait to make a second phone call after you leave a message? I always have a list of guests from parties that wanted later dates. For example, right now my parties from Nov./Dec. I had quite a few who said call me in the new year or at the end of January. I will call and leave a message about what I'm calling for. I have NEVER received a phone call back. When would you make your second attempt? I don't want to hassel them but THEY told ME they would like to have a party.


Legend Member
Oct 6, 2005
I call two or three days later. I always tell them in my message that I will call them back, but they are welcome to call me in the meantime. That way you are not "bugging" them, you are simply living up to your word.


Jan 6, 2006
It's not up to THEM to call YOU

I have called a potential host up to ten times before we finally set a date. She never called me back. When I finally did get ahold of her to set a date, she had an $800 show and another $500 show two months later. Always keep a smile in your voice and like Deb said, tell them that you will be calling back. Don't get upset if they don't call back, especially after just one call. They may not have even gotten the message. I wasn't getting messages for awhile, and couldn't figure out why, then one day I witnessed my cat jump up on the desk where the answering machine was....and step right on the button that deleted everything! Teenagers have been known to do the same thing.

Good luck