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Call me but don't call me sydrome


Mar 16, 2006
Hey ya'll,
I have a catalog show going on and the host is working hard at getting bookings for me. One lady told her that she'd like to have a show so I was given her number and told to call. I just called and the woman was almost short with me. She said she wanted to have a show in the summer but right now she's a full time mom, student, and employee and didn't have the time. I offered to call her back in a month or so and she told me to go through the woman having the catalog show!
Should I try again later or just let it go? :confused:


Mar 27, 2005
That's a hard one but you should almost respect her wishes. Maybe wait for a couple of months (Maybe once school lets out) and talk to your current catalog host to see if she is ready.

Otherwise when that time comes send her a letter stating you will be calling her about her catalog show. Make sure to state how "Jane" (The host the show was booked from) is looking forward to getting the special for the month at her show. Maybe put in the letter that if she isn't interested or would rather contact you she can and give your info.

I don't know what else to say, sorry.


Silver Member
Dec 30, 2005
Do what she asked....

Everyone handles things differently, don't take it personal. At the same time though, don't lose the show b/c she is "indifferent", we have had similar experiences and personally we feel a show is a show! Don't be discouraged just keep her in mind and do what she asked....

Good luck.


Veteran Member
Silver Member
Jun 27, 2005
You could also use those postcards that say if you are still interested in a show call me I am available at such and such. Send her one of those in a few months.